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Don Lemon a Sell Out or Concerned Black Man?



Bill O’Reilly made some harsh comments about African Americans last week, needless to say some where true and some comments where laced with bias and racism. Well many have made their comments and two cents about what blacks should do to fix their problems. Some agree with Bill O’Reilly while others disagree such as Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. Recently a well known CNN news anchor Don Lemon added his two cents to the problems that blacks face in America and in their communities. Don Lemon basically agreed with what Bill O’Reilly a week earlier had stated about African Americans. Some say Don Lemon is a sell out, Uncle Tom, self hated gay black man. While others are applauding him for agreeing with Mr O’Reilly and are happy that a black person came out agreeing that yes black people need to get their lives and culture together and correct the mayhem that has been going for the past 4 decades. 

Personally I understand where Don Lemon is coming from. Lets face it a lot of the time blacks push other blacks to the side and sometimes away. I feel that black people sadly can be the negative stereotype of a black person. I attended inner city schools and dealt with being made fun of simply because I didn’t speak with slang or didn’t dress “hood”. I was made fun of by other blacks, rarely was I ever made fun of by the white students. Then again these inner city schools where mostly black and some whites attended.

Black people feed into the negative stereotypes created by non blacks about blacks, that is very sad. If we really want to talk about self hate, we need to look at the blacks that fall for the ignorance themselves. I was being made fun of for talking “white” which really means I was speaking correctly. So basically talking “black” would mean to use slang and ebonics never using correct or proper grammar. That is self hate at its finest your going to make fun of a black person because they don’t use slang as verbiage?

I was being made fun of because I wasn’t wearing “AIR FORCE ONES” or wearing jeans that had a bunch of writing all over the bottom part. I wore regular jeans and shoes, therefore I was made fun of. Once again black people falling for the negative stereotypes of dressing “hood” as in if your a male your pants are huge, baggy and your more than likely sagging. Wearing extra long white t-shirts with a bunch of fake gold chains and with a hat (fitted or snapback) to the back of your head. If your a female your clothes are too tight, showing off too much skin (wondering why your treated with no respect?) multiple different hair colors with excessive weave. I didn’t dress like that so therefore I was ridiculed for dressing “white” as they put it.

Which brings a bigger question, “What is BLACK”? Really ask yourself that, what does it truly mean to be black? Does it mean being rude and ghetto? Can it mean being educated and civilized? Well to be totally truthful it can mean both of those examples. Honestly it has nothing to do with being a race or color. It has to do with being a HUMAN, and HUMANS act in many different ways depending on how they feel or how they where raised. They always say your a product of your environment. Well if you have less educated parents, living in a dangerous neighborhood, surrounded by drugs and violence then that individual may think its okay to sag their jeans and use profanity every time they speak. Or that individual can be introduced to a nicer calmer environment where people speak correctly and have education. That individual may choose to follow that nicer calmer approach and leave that crime infested environment. Point is there is no such thing as ACTING BLACK or ACTING WHITE, and I wish blacks and whites and races alike would stop using those terms.

Don Lemon being like me probably was educated, spoke correctly, and didn’t dress or act like the other blacks he was around. So the other blacks probably saw him as weirdo and thought he was acting “WHITE” therefore he was made fun of and ostracized from the other kids perhaps. Now we have a grown man who is still bitter and upset about he may or may haven’ been treated by others who looked like him. Now he is finally letting his anger and frustration with those blacks that made fun of him out, by adding his 2 cents to the problems of blacks and agreeing with Bill O’Reilly. Some say Don came off as a bitter gay black man talking trash about black people. Some say he mad at black people cause they don’t agree or support his homosexuality. While others support everything he said, others feel its about time a black man stood up and admitted black people need to get their stuff together instead of “blaming others” for their problems.

I personally see some of the points Bill O’Reilly and Don Lemon pointed out. Yes there is RACISM but there is also SELF ACCOUNTABILITY and I feel black people. But lets keep it real, O’Reilly is known for saying rude and disrespectful things about black people among other subordinate minority groups. So when O’Reilly says “this what black people need to” more than likely its laced with hate, bias, bigotry, and racism.