speaking correctly white talkYOU TALK LIKE A WHITE PERSON!

Sounds Familiar?   Growing up that’s what ive been told all my life.

I personally think that is an ignorant thing to say.  But what exactly is

“Talking white”?  I use slang and ebonics every now and then just for fun.

But I don’t let it Consume my Vocabulary.   People don’t realize how ignorant they sound when hey over use it.

In the professional world people wont take you seriously if you sound like you have third grade education.  Its not “Talking white” its talking educated!

Ive noticed allot on facebook, people use too much slang and ebonics in there post and They misspell words on purpose, why?

i guess some still have the mentality that its cool to talk like an idiot.

I remember when I was a kid, I was made fun of allot by my own family! Because  I Pronounced my words correctly and I still get talked about till this day by Some of My own people. Its sad, because we are suppose to be better than this. When will we stop doing this to each other?

 Article by: Erick Smith





 Question Article by Erick Smith 

    I’ve heard of the saying “ Stand by your man” But Damn, some of you take that too literal.  How long are you going to stand by someone, that can’t do right by you?
  He can’t stay out of jail, but there you are waiting on him.
  He constantly cheats, But there  are waiting for him, He beats you! And there you are waiting for him.

If he really cared for you, he wouldn’t do anything that WILL Compromise the relationship.

Rather its Jail, or Plain Infidelity. You can’t change someone that doesn’t want to be changed!   I’ve had plenty of girls as Friends who were complaining about their relationships, but when I asked “Why don’t you move on”?


  all I hear is “because I love him”   well….. What’s love got to do with it?

 Love and misery don’t go hand in hand.     Wake up ladies you can do allot better.

Support Black Owned Businesses



Article wrote by Shawn James

his Holiday Season make It Your Business to Support a BLACK OWNED Business



This Holiday season, Black people will spend hundreds of millions of their $1.1 trillion dollars on gifts for friends and family.


But it won’t spend any of that money with Black-owned businesses like mine.


Which is why the Black community remains poor the remaining 364 days of the year after the holiday season.


Black people consume without considering who is producing. And that’s why the Black community is behind the 8-ball economically.


In the aftermath of racial profiling incidents like the ones at Barneys and Macy*s, Black folks should be making a serious effort to support Black-owned businesses.


Black folks, your money is valuable. And you deserve the very best in service from a business. If a business is going to enforce illegal policies such as racial profiling, don’t protest the business.


Take your money elsewhere.


Too many times Black people sit there and tolerate abuse and call it customer service. We put up with bag checks, being followed around and having our money examined and questioned if our credit cards are stolen or not. Heck, we can’t even take stuff back to the store for a refund in a lot of shopping districts like Fordham Road which cater to Black customers.


Black people often feel we don’t have any options but we do.


A long time ago I used to shop at jeans and sneaker stores Fordham Road. I don’t shop there anymore.


Why? Because I realized my money was valuable. I came to understand that I didn’t have to deal with merchants who disrespected me with those racist policies such as racial profiling and questioned the authenticity of my money. There were other options for me as a consumer. In this age of online businesses like mine, a Black customer doesn’t have to deal with poor customer service and racist business practices.


Black folks There are thousands of Black-owned merchants in retail and online who value your business and your money. People like myself who appreciate the time you take to spend your money with us.


Black dollars are valuable. And they’re more valuable when spent with Black businesses. When Black dollars are spent with Black businesses Black people can create jobs for other Black people.


When you spend money with people who look like you, they can hire people who look like you. But when you spend your money with people who don’t look like you, they take your money to hire people who look like them. 97 percent of Black dollars go to hire Whites, Latinos, Asians, Arabs and finance their lifestyles.


While Black folks remain in poverty. Going into debt to finance a Holiday season that takes care of NonBlack people 364 days of the year.


Economic power is what allows people to build wealth. And wealth is what allows people to have the resources to create policy that builds strong communities.


Black folks, give yourself a gift that gives back to you 365 days of the year : A stable economy that takes allows Black people to take care of other Black people. Because when you spend Black, the money comes back.

Cooning in 2014?

Happy New Years Everybody! I hope 2014 brings success and greatness to you and your family and love ones.

I wonder will there be cooning in this year of 2014? Will people continue to support websites like “worldstarhiphop”? Will people continue you to watch TV shows such as “Love and Hip Hop” or “Basketball Wives”? Will black people finally take pride in their ancestry and culture? The answer is probably a mixture of yes, no, maybe, and a little.

Ask yourself what is coonery? Then ask yourself why is it when anything is associated with BLACK and BLACK PEOPLE it is always considered negative or ignorant? Maybe what we call coonery isn’t coonery, maybe it is BLACK AMERICAN CULTURE or at least an aspect of BLACK AMERICAN CULTURE. Ask yourself why we hate each other? Ask yourself why you may hate yourself? These questions are serious, so take them serious and ask yourself, try to come up with logical answers.

Do I think coonery will exist in 2014? Yes I do but at the same time I also think everything that is black doesn’t make it ignorant or coonery. Notice how non blacks do something funny or stupid and its just that a funny or stupid moment. But when blacks do something funny or stupid its plastered on the whole race. The whole race and ethnicity gets a bad rep because of one stupid or funny incident. I would like to bring awareness to this social phenomenon this year. Black people are not a monolithic group, we are all different and we do not have the same story and live the same lives. Let that marinate, when we say that dude or chic is “ghetto” or that dude/chic is “uppity” really think about what you are saying. All blacks are not the same, and therefor won’t behave and act the same.

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Twitter: @StopTheCoonry

#StopTheCoonery Join the Movement!

Stop The Coonery Seal of Disproval

Stop The Coonery Seal of Disproval


YouTube becoming the new Myspace!



YouTube is becoming the new MySpace…Intelligent Black folks let’s find another place to post our videos!

Article by: Shawn James

 YouTube currently is by far one of the most popular video upload sites on the web. However, Black people who post videos to YouTube which feature intelligent, thought provoking content are under siege by YouTube’s community policies, and a conclave of Black people who dislike their content.


You can post all the twerk videos, rap videos, and videos depicting Black women fighting in the street like a pair of stray cats on YouTube and you won’t get flagged or deleted at all. But post a video featuring an educated intelligent Black man or woman talking about Black people taking personal responsibility for their lives, Black-on-Black relationships, Black empowerment, or Black economics,  and you’ll get flagged, your videos taken down and your channel deleted.


But you won’t get flagged by White racists. No in most cases, it’ll be by other Black people. Black people who want to stop up their ears, close their eyes on being presented with the truth. Jealous Black people who speak evil about the success of others and do nothing about the issues presented to them in the videos these intelligent YouTubers are trying to share with a larger audience of viewers.


YouTube is becoming the new MySpace. Five years ago MySpace was a place for friends. It was also a place for intelligent content by artists, writers, and political and social activists.


But as soon the site became popular, the trolls and the attention whores came there. Most of these people didn’t know how to create content, and in desperation for attention started pandering to the lowest common denominator to get hits on their pages. To that extent, they began posting their booty pictures heir lingerie pictures, their amateur gangsta rap videos and videos of cats, and fights. Scammers began posting up spam accounts and flooding people’s inboxes with spam, keeping them from connecting with friends on their social networks.


And as all this junk content began flooding MySpace, most of the regular users abandoned the site. By 2010, MySpace stopped being a place for friends. Instead it became a wasteland of garbage content. Currently, the site totes itself as a place for musicians, but most of the artists, writers, and people who created the content that made MySpace the place to be have moved on to Facebook.


Unfortunately, Google, the owner of YouTube has done nothing to stop the flood of junk accounts and Junk content. Instead of imposing standards on YouTube where people have to post videos to comment on other people’s videos, insisting on e-mail confirmation for the opening of accounts to stop spammers and trolls, and making the usernames of those who flag videos available to those who are flagged, It has insisted that YouTube users connect their accounts to Google+.


Allowing the trolls to continue on unchecked. Allowing the junk content to continue on unchecked. And allowing the flagging of intelligent Black people’s content to continue on unchecked.


Smart Black YouTubers can see the handwriting is on the wall. Ignorant Negroes have hijacked the site and are trying to turn it into World StarHip Hop 2.0. And if they insist on turning YouTube into a sewer of coonery, twerk videos and fight videos, it’s time we intelligent brothers and sisters found a venue where we can post our own videos without the threat of reprisal for posting a video a handful of people don’t agree with.


Google may own YouTube. Google may make the rules regarding YouTube. But we own our content. And we can take our content elsewhere.


Brothers and sisters, You Tube isn’t the only game in town. And there are other places we can go to present our content.


Places like Vimeo. Vimeo insists that users only confirm their accounts with e-mail addresses before they can comment on a video. They don’t ask for phone numbers like YouTube. Plus, they’re pretty lenient on content since it’s a site a lot of indie filmmakers and artists like to use it to post their projects. I’ve seen all sorts of content here from stripteases, to art nudes, to hard hitting documentaries on Vimeo.


Places like Dailymotion. Dailymotion also insists that users confirm their accounts with only e-mail addresses. They also don’t ask for phone numbers like YouTube does or ask for you to have a Google+account. It’s also pretty fair on content.


Places like Gen-X has a little difficulty with its interface, but it’s another place where Black people can post content without the threat of censorship. Many former YouTubers like Sargent Willie Pete and SoulNBlack currently post there.


Places like Ustream. Sure you have to pay for this one, but the content here is uncensored.


Or you can host your own videos on your own site. Here, no one can tell you that your content is inappropriate except for your webhost. It may cost more in the short run to host your own site, but in the long-term you’ll have control over your content.


And it’s content that drives the traffic of a site. It’s content that makes a site popular. And I’m sure that once all the intelligent Black people take their content elsewhere YouTube will decline in popularity. Because people come to the internet for information, not entertainment. There’s only so many twerk videos, wanna-be rappers, and Black female on Black female fight videos people are willing to stomach before they get boring and repetitive. Maybe when YouTube sees its traffic declining it’ll finally do something substantive about the trolls, attention whores and spammers who are ruining the YouTube experience.


Intelligent brothers and sisters, YouTube isn’t the only place to post your videos. There are alternatives to YouTube available for you to broadcast yourself on. Use one of those websites and you’ll find that your subscribers will follow you there. Better yet, you’ll discover a whole new audience of viewers eager to discover your content.


Black and Unemployed?!



How A Black Person Renders Themselves Unemployable

Author: Shawn James

 In the job market there are unemployed people and unemployable people. What’s the difference? An unemployed person is someone who has education, skills, and can bring a wealth of experience with them. It’s these tools that make them valuable in the job market.
An unemployable person is someone who brings absolutely nothing to an employers’ table. If anything, they carry a series of liabilities with them that make employers avoid them. And Black people already have one strike against them for the color of their skin. When they add these extra strikes to their resume it’s game over in the job market.
How do people render themselves unemployable? In most cases, by making a series of stupid mistakes when they’re young. It’s these bad decisions that come back to haunt them when they try to go out in the world or move up in it.
These include:
Dropping out of high school. Most jobs that pay a living wage today require a minimum of an Associates’ degree, a certification or a license in a skill trade. And the gateway to these areas of higher learning is getting a high school diploma.
Even the U.S. Military requires that its soldiers have a minimum of a High School diploma. All of these avenues for employment are cut off the day a brother or a sista decides to drop out of high school.
Too many brothers and sisters listen to people like Lil’ Wayne and the late Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls who stated that they dropped out of high school and still became millionaires.
Not understanding that these entertainers got a million-to-one shot in life, one most brothers and sisters will never achieve.
What most Brothers and sisters don’t understand is that the road to success for a rap star leads to a dead end in the real world. The average Black person has even LESS opportunity than these entertainers when they drop out of high school. Without a high school diploma the best a brother or a sista can do is low-wage work like working the counter taking orders in a fast-food restaurant or stocking shelves at a big box store.
Getting a tattoo. Lots of teens and twentysomethings love to get tattoos as a way to “express themselves”. But in the job market that skin art can cost them employment, promotions, and connections with key players in the business world in the future.
And some tattoos like facial and neck tattoos can permanently take a person of the job market. These kinds of tattoos are associated with mental illness or criminal activity, and automatically lead to a rejection in the job market.
When you work for someone else you represent their business. And most tattoos in America when it relates to Black men are associated with Prison or gangs.  Most businesses don’t want their businesses associated with criminal activity.
So when a brotha calls himself copying a rapper like Rick Ross or an NBA player like Lebron James, he all but destroys his chances of finding a job anywhere but low-wage retail and fast food for the rest of his life.
Remember, you dress for where you want to go. And the only people who get tattoos all over their bodies in the real world are gang members and prison guys doing long sentences. If you want to dress for success you  have no skin art, wear suits, ties and dress shirts every day.
Getting a Felony conviction.  Ex-offenders can get back into the job market. However those with felony convictions have next to no chance of finding full-time work. This is why that dude in the gang at 18 doing stick ups of grocery stores winds up stuck in his mama’s house at 38. No employer will touch him because he has a felony on his record like armed robbery, first-degree assault or murder.
Once a person gets a felony on their record many doors close for them in the job market. They can’t get financial aid for college like Pell Grants. They can’t apply for Civil Service jobs. And they wind up with their resumes tossed in the circular files of private employers who fear they will try to commit crimes in their company.
Dressing like a thug.  Thug culture may work on the street but not in the business world. Some brothas can’t stop with the saggin pants and big shirts and go out and buy saggin slacks, and dress shirts that are too big for them. Letting clothes sag lets employers know that they’re not ready for prime-time.
Brothers  you dress for where you want to go, not where you are currently.  When you buy business clothes you have to buy a correct sized shirt slacks and tie.
Dressing like a Hood Rat.  Some sistas think coming to work in low-cut blouses, short skirts, slinky dresses and skintight pants is the business. But what they don’t know is that it takes them out of the game. Again, these sistas like the brothas show an employer they’re not ready for prime time by dressing like they’re going to the club and not for work.
Again, Sistas, you dress for where you want to go, not where you are. When you buy dress clothes for work you have to buy skirts that go to the knee, slacks that drape across the legs, blouses that provide full coverage, and earrings no smaller than a quarter.  You want an employer and clients looking at your face, not your body.
Be a Drug user or have a history of drug addiction. Drug users are notorious for being unreliable. Which is why employers avoid them like disease.  What most brothers don’t understand is that even the most casual drug use like smoking weed on the weekends can show up on a drug test for a job six months to a year later.
Most businesses regularly test for drug use, especially in the case of new hires.  And that weed some brothers and sisters like to smoke on the weekend will eventually show up in one of those tests. And when it does…there go the chances of getting that job.
Have a history of thefts on the job. Some brothers and sistas who manage to find jobs in places like retail like to take cases things off the truck and put them to the side for themselves or their friends. Or they like to order more merchandise than what is needed and skim off the top. They think they’re going to make a little extra cash selling stuff on the street in the neighborhood. What they don’t know is that they’re on the fast track to… a felony conviction.
What most brothers and sisters who work in retail or warehoused don’t know is that in this computer age is that every package is tracked. On top of it, most employers have digital cameras with hard drives connected to networks inside their stock rooms and the sales floors. So every action they take is being recorded and there’s a clear trail of evidence that can be used to prosecute a brotha if he decides to take something that isn’t his.
Have a history of unprofessional behavior. In White Supremacist America, it’s hard for a Black Man and a Black woman to get a job. And harder to keep it. And when irresponsible brothers do dumb stuff like coming into work late on a regular basis, being absent all the time, not showing up for work, and quitting after a week or two it makes it ruins their chances of finding work with another employer. Hopping from job to job gives a Black man a spotty work history and no real work experience.
Worse, it makes it that much harder for the next Black man or that Black woman to find a job at that employer. Having the previous brotha or sista reinforce all the racist stereotypes about Black people makes that employer not want to take a chance on a brother who could have been a decent worker.
Have a history of spoiled rotten™ Behavior. Some brothers and sistas expect the job to be like their house.  When they’re told to do something by a supervisor they don’t like they have a tendency to throw a tempertantrum. And in those adult tantrums some will curse out a boss. Others will just refuse to do anything.  And a few will just quit on the spot. Then they’ll put this employer down as a reference for another position they find out about their unprofessional behavior.
Brothers and sisters we already have one strike against us just for being Black. Adding extra strikes against yourself by doing dumb stuff only makes it that much harder for you to make a living in America. Don’t take yourself out of the game before you get a chance to play!

Charging people to the Game

cutting people off

Charging people to the Game

 Written by Shawn James
Many times you hear guys say the phrase: Charge em’ to the game and keep it moving. What does this mean? Simple.  It means a person cuts their losses on the relationship with someone, cuts off all contact with that person and move on with their life.
Who can be charged to the game? Anyone. Girlfriends, friends, and even family members.  Sometimes you even have to charge a job or a neighborhood to the game if you plan on making positive steps in your life.
Brothers and Sisters, When you’re trying to go somewhere in life, some people can’t come with you. They refuse to change their toxic and dysfunctional ways.  And in those cases it’s just best to simply STOP having contact with them.
Some may think charging people to the game is harsh.  But it’s necessary. Just like people throw away stuff they don’t need anymore, you need to cleanse your life of people who no longer enrich it in any way shape or form.
Sure you may be close to these people.  You may even love them. But what they’re doing and how they’re living is destructive to you. And you don’t need their dysfunction, drama and negative energy invading your life.
Toxic people are like crabs in a barrel. Just when you’re trying to come up, they pull you down. They’re looking for some company to join them in their misery. Don’t let that be you!
The longer you stay around toxic people the sicker you’ll become. Eventually you wind up radiating the same negative energy and thinking the same negative way they do. Instead of moving ahead in your life you wind up going nowhere as you wind up carrying their emotional baggage and personal garbage.
How do you charge people to the game? Simple. Just stop calling them. Just stop talking to them. Delete their numbers out of your cell phone. Delete their e-mail from your address book. Unfriend them on Facebook and stop following them on Twitter. Block them on YouTube.
If they come to your house, tell them you just don’t have time.  If they invite you somewhere, simply just decline. Sooner or later they’ll get the message you just don’t want to be bothered by them anymore.
Life is too short to deal with people who bring nothing but drama and dysfunction with them everywhere they go. Let them take their problems someplace else.
I’ve had to charge people to the game many times in my life. I’ve had to charge schools to the game. I’ve even had to charge jobs to the game.
Back when I was in Park West High School 25 years ago, I had to charge a lot of people to the game. Most of the people I was in class with were more focused on boyfriends, girlfriends, sneakers, clothe, slinging crack rocks and other nonsense than getting good grades and working towards getting their diplomas.  Their negative energy was dragging me down.
There was no way I was going to graduate and get my diploma in that toxic environment. So I charged those people to the game and moved on to Taft High School in the Bronx and focused on getting my High School diploma.
Thirteen years ago when I was working at a nonprofit the vice president at the time took me to lunch and told me he didn’t have a place for me in the organization. Even though I had done great work for them (he said this himself in a meeting) he decided I didn’t fit into his vision for the organization.
Instead of trying to kiss his ass and beg him for a job there, I just charged the job to the game and kept moving on to the next job.
Five years ago I had to charge my job at a college library to the game. When I realized that my supervisor and her boss were liars, I had no choice but to let go of a good Civil Service job with benefits.
On the surface it looked like they let me go at the end of the week, but what they didn’t know was I had already charged them to the game days before.
I’m not going to lie to you brothers and sisters, charging people to the game isn’t going to be easy. It’s going hurt, especially if you have close ties to those people or that place in your life. But you have to do what’s right for you and what keeps you moving forward in life.
Sometimes people aren’t right for us. And sometimes situations aren’t right for us. And the longer we stay in a dysfunctional situation the worse it’s going to get. It’s better to part ways from the company of dysfunctional people before you wind up mired in their misery.

Promotion of Hate



The internet has giving people a sense of pride and confidence, most of it being false pride and confidence. This new found pride and confidence gives people who otherwise would not say most of the things they saw on the internet courage to write post, make videos, post comments, etc about topics and people. Most of these posting are disrespectful, hateful, and wrong. But the internet allows people to hide behind computer screens, it allows people’s keyboards to be a weapon of choice and great infliction of pain and sorrow.

Notice how today bullying is becoming more of a cyber thing then in physical form. Now days people can just post rude memes and statuses about people via Facebook and Instagram. People do not have to physically say a word to anybody, no longer are kids being thrown into lockers at school. Now they are being called “Nigger, Bitch, and Fag via comments on somebodies Facebook wall. People always say how “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Well apparently that is not true for most people on this planet, for most people are extremely offended when these hurtful words are used.

We are destroying the individuals self esteem and confidence each and everyday. As much as we promote self love and self respect we do as much destroying it as well. Notice how today’s memes make fun of every little thing a person does, all of the “Bitches be like and Niggas be like” memes may seem funny at times but they are mostly rude and disrespectful. Black people particularly have this self hate psychological problem, and every time you turn around there is a new meme promoting the self hate we have for ourselves, each other, and our culture.

We as a people and people in general need to stop disrespecting each other and ourselves. Stop allowing this internet world to overtake the real world, many of you are nothing more than internet cyber bullies, talking trash about people behind a computer screen. Stop allowing everybody else to tell you what beauty is, you should be the painter of your own portrait. Not television, media, celebrities, and people who do not matter. It is time that people wake up and stop taking part in death of self esteem and confidence. It is time that we uplift each other, we support each other, we respect ourselves and our culture. Stop taking part in promoting hate!

Racism doesn’t exist?!



It amazes me how in this day and age, people can still sit around saying “racism does not exist” or “we live in a colorblind society” when we have pictures like this one above this article being posted on social media networking sites. Obviously there are people out there that think a 17 year old black child being shot and killed while walking home, is a comical event. Not to mention the people who are in the picture would happen to be Caucasian (white people), then they wonder why people think they are racist.

Notice when you hear the whole “racism does not exist” phrase or argument more than likely it is coming from a non black aka a white person. Ironic right? Not really see SOME white people like to think because we have a black president, and we do not have slavery or hardcore Jim Crow laws anymore, racism is long gone. When in fact racism is still alive and thriving rather well actually. Blacks still live in poverty, jobless, and suffering to make ends meet in this so called “post racial society”.

Any time one thinks their race is superior to another race, you will have racism. Lets face it a lot of people have racial pride and do not want to give up their racial pride, they are fine with thinking they are superior and everybody else race is in inferior. Hence why they said blacks where 3/4th humans to prove that we are not even humans, no wonder they always portray us as monsters and savages.

Earlier this week we had a case of high profile businesses arresting black shoppers because they where believed to be doing credit fraud. Hmm so a young black person shops and buys something expensive at a high profile retail store they must be shop lifting or doing credit fraud, because young blacks cannot have money to shop at high profile stores? Exactly if you cannot see that RACISM is alive and well then you are choosing not to see it, you are choosing to be ignorant.

Everything Increased but the American Salary!


Why American Money Just Doesn’t Have The Spending Power It Had 20 Years Ago By Shawn James

Rent is going up. Taxes are going up. The price of groceries is going up. And it costs over a hundred dollars just to fill up a tank of regular gas.

But American workers haven’t had a raise in their pay since 1994 or so.

Why does everything cost so much? Because while prices have gone up in proportion with inflation American workers wages haven’t kept up with it. Back in 1994, a middle-class family of four could live comfortably on a salary of fifty or sixty thousand dollars a year.

But when prices continue to increase over the course of twenty years and salaries stay the same compared to the economic boom times of 1994, that money has less value than it did twenty years ago. That fifty thousand a year a person makes winds up having about the same value as a salary of twenty five thousand dollars a year in 1994 dollars.

What makes the economic conditions in America worse is that the job market has changed so dramatically over the last twenty years. People aren’t able to get the same middle class jobs they had in 1994. In 1994, a person with a college degree in a major like English could easily find an entry level job in an office like receptionist or office assistant with a starting salary of $25,000 a year and develop transferable skills they can take to another company in five years that would lead them to make $50 to $60 thousand dollars a year.

Unfortunately, in 2013 those jobs no longer exist. Due to the economic collapse of 2007, budget cuts, and technology such as Clouds, social media and smartphones, companies no longer need people like office assistants and receptionists. Other unskilled work like customer service call centers that made up a majority of middle class jobs is now outsourced overseas to places like India and China for half the cost of an American Workers’ salary.

So in addition to wages being stagnant over 20 years, there is a glut of unskilled and semiskilled workers chasing too few jobs. This is leading to all those college educated workers who would have once looked for entry level jobs in corporate America now pursing jobs in retail places like Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and Target.

People trying to start long-term careers in jobs engineered to turn over in 90 to 180 days. Further driving down the value of the American dollar. Making the spending power of those dollars less and less. Trying to make ends meet in jobs where it’s virtually impossible to do so.

The jobs American people are forced to take now barely pay $10 an hour. In 1994 money that’s about $5 an hour. In a world where Rent is $2,000 a month, electric bills are $150 a month, groceries are $300 a month and the monthly cost of gas for a car is over $200 a month the math just doesn’t add up. An American worker just can’t afford to live and work in their own country.

Why? Because the wrong types of jobs are being created. It’s clear America’s service economy is obsolete and does not provide the kinds of employment that allows American workers to develop new skills that will allow them to enter and stay in the middle class. A job at Starbucks or Target or Applebee’s is structurally designed to give teens, twentysomethings and seniors pocket money and entry level experience, not pay their rent or start a career with. It was NEVER designed to maintain a household with.

America has to find a way to rebuild its obsolete college system, develop new industries and establish a new grade of middle class jobs. With two thirds of the U.S. Economy driven by consumer spending, the U.S. economy is in serious trouble. If it stays on this course I’d say it’s on a trajectory to an economic collapse not seen since the days in Germany before the Second World War.

In the interim, it’s clear to me that the American workers currently in jobs today needs a raise. Wages in America haven’t gone up to match inflation since the last economic boom during the Clinton Administration twenty years ago. Americans just can’t make ends meet because their money just doesn’t have the spending power it did two decades ago. As I stated before, Fifty thousand dollars today has the same value of twenty five thousand dollars in 1994.

American workers have made an effort to shore up the U.S. economy, but they haven’t been rewarded for all their hard work by American corporate bosses. During these tough economic times those CEOs and executives have given themselves raises, bonuses and other perks all while their businesses struggled, but haven’t invested in the most precious resource of their businesses: Their employees. I believe it’s way past time American workers received a raise in their salaries.

Shawn James is the author of nine paperbacks and over thirty eBooks, and writes the weekly blog Shawn James, Black Freelance writer at His latest novel, The Thetas is out now on Kindle.